Lake County AmeriCorps

AmeriCorps member to support early childhood education through our Healthy Start project based in Middletown CA. The position focuses on providing oral health and nutrition lessons to preschool aged students. Another critical component of this position is to support student success K-12 by providing students and families with resources (i.e. food bags, health checks, referrals) to ensure students do not miss school and succeed. This position is ideal for those pursuing a career in case management, social services, ot education / community programs. Hours are M-F 8am-3pm. If interested please contact the AmeriCorps Office at (707) 262-4184 or apply directly at Search for "Lake County AmeriCorps" and select the Kindergarten Readiness application. 

AmeriCorps is a National Service Program providing volunteers an opportunity to serve their community (also referred to as the “Domestic Peace Corps”). In Lake County, the AmeriCorps Program focuses on:

*AmeriCorps Plus (K-12th) - research-based, data-driven mentoring model designed to improve attendance, behavior and educational outcomes for students. PlusMentors are trained to serve as advisors, motivators, connectors, confidence-builders, and early warning systems for chronically absent students at risk of getting off track – both in school and in life. These positions are full-time (1700hr/year) positions.

*Academic Support (Pre-12th) - Members provide small group and one-on-one tutoring in literacy and comprehension. These positions are 450hr or 900hr/year positions.

*After-School Programming (K-12) - Members lead students in an hour of tutoring and homework help, small group tutoring, followed by enrichment activities focused on topics such as leadership, community service, and social issues. These positions are 450hr or 900hr/year positions.

*Oral Health (0-5) - Members serve students, in the 0-5 population, around the importance of oral health and assist families in finding needed services.  These positions are 900hr/year positions.

*Volunteerism – Find volunteer opportunities, recruit and manage volunteers that foster the spirit of volunteerism and strengthen our communities!  


Members start the program year with a comprehensive series of trainings and participate in continued training and coaching opportunities throughout the year. The emphasis is on encouraging the personal and professional development of each member in a supportive environment. Members are asked to whole-heartedly commit to the term of service they sign up to complete, challenge themselves, and take full advantage of this wonderful opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children, families, and our community. 

The Lake County AmeriCorps program is a school year-long commitment to serve their community.  Members dedicate 450, 900, or 1700 (full-time) hours over a 10 to 11month period. Upon completion of their commitment, they are also qualified for an Education Award to use for college expenses. Those members 55 years and older can now transfer their education award to a family member.

Rewards of volunteering include:

  • Helping a child in need!
  • Making a difference in your community!
  • Experience in working with young people and the education setting!
  • Receiving a modest living allowance!
  • Earning an education award!
  • Loan forbearance while you serve
  • Major medical insurance while you serve (full-time only)
  • Paid childcare (full-time only; through the Corporation for National and Community Service)

Positions Include:

AmeriCorps Plus Mentors             (1700 hour member position)

After School Mentors                    (450 & 900 hour member positions)

In-School Tutors                           (450 & 900 hour member positions)

Preschool Members                      (450 & 900 hour member positions)

Healthy Start Members                  (900 hour positions)

Hours of Position:

AmeriCorps positions are 450 (qtr-time; 15hrs/week), 900 (half-time; 28hrs/week) or 1700 (full-time: 40hrs/week) hour terms of service (over a course of a school year):   

Hours of Position

Start and End Dates

Living Allowance

Education Award


August 15th to May 31st




August 15th to May 31st




August 15th to July 30th $1,545.45/month $5,775